Robynians arrows

Once you have registered as user of our online initiative you will belong to the Robynians community and you will receive your badges (arrow, bow and honorary medallion) emblems of Robynian solidarity.

Recovering that spirit of this legendary hero, YOU, as the best of the archers will launch those Robynian arrows with the commitment to help the most vulnerable, as well as those causes that require the support of each one of us. For your help to have visibility, we want each action to leave its mark through the images of those arrows spread across the globe.

We propose that you send us creative digital images or multimedia content (photographs or videos) located in an emblematic place in your city as a sign of the growing soul of the Robynians.

You can send all the material to the following email address: to spread it through social networks.

Pictures: digital (fotos) or multimedia content (vídeos)
Resolution: high
Dimensions: standard (fotos)
Duration: max. Time limit (60 seconds)
Thematic: creativity is valued, although the highlight is that in the photographic frame appears an identifying element of the environment (streets, buildings, monuments, squares, parks, gardens ...) and in your hand the arrow. Your image can remain anonymous.