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We are a pacifist, apolitical, non-religious, multicultural  ideological and economically independent organization that promotes a social movement of solidarity aid cooperating with the multiple causes that affect various ambits: economic, social, cultural, political and environmental of our society. Same as the legendary hero Robin Hood, RobynGoods resurges in the 21st century with the aim of promoting social welfare, fighting poverty, marginalization and inequality, while defending proposals to maintain the balance of the Gaia ecosystem *.

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My name is COVID19

From: Coronavirus19 Covid <coronavirusc13@gmail.com>

Subject: My name is COVID19

Date: 26 march 2020, 17:27:30 WET



The other face of the Coranavirus

A virus that came here to stay?

Antarctica reaches 20 ° C for the first time in its history

A scientific team installed in the Argentine base Esperanza, located on the Antarctic Peninsula, recorded a temperature of 18.3 ºC last February 6, the highest recorded in Antarctica since humans began collecting this type of data.

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