What we do

One of our first actions is to promote global solidarity trade through an eCommerce platform as a channel of aid and humanitarian defense aimed at the most disadvantaged groups in society, covering problems that affect from environment to animal defense and protection.

For the first time, an eCommerce shows the traceability system of the product value chain, presenting the real value from its production until reaching the final consumer. In the current online market, items become more expensive due to the decompensation generated by the profit margin on production, this triggers prices and affects consumers. With our platform we offer minimum prices, without additional charges from companies and intermediary agents, in order to favor a commercial system: transparent, fair and sustainable.

To this is added the essential value of our solidary platform, one of the pillars of RobynGoods: solidarity. In this system, there is no consumption without donation. Thus, 75 percent of the benefit derived from the sale of each item goes entirely to the projects and programs of entities, associations and non-governmental / non-profit organizations that you decide. With each purchase, you help others.

This is our first step. We believe that it is the ideal time to take a 180 degree turn and propose changes. Innovation and technological development are the tools that allow us to set up a disruptive system against traditional formulas to achieve a different, intelligent and solidary purpose among all, which allows us as an initiative to contribute to fair causes.

Because only by transforming consciences and opening new paths will we be able to reach our goal.