Become a Robynian

How to be a Robynian

To be part of this worldwide movement where you can, among other things, make your solidarity purchase at, you will have to register as a user of the online platform by filling in the requested data. Thus, with your registration you will be granted your registration number, which will allow you not only to support the project or program that you select but will also give you the right to belong to the Robynians Universe. This way you will receive your bow, arrow and honorary medallion, badges that as a hero or heroine, allow you to join our robynians arrow campaigns or solidarity products. We have to make ourselves visible and bring this spirit to every corner of the planet.

In addition, you can disseminate/spread information about our initiatives in forums of common interest or in social networks; belong to the bag of volunteers of the non-profit entities of our community; support with your signature those requests to support appeals, fair causes or needs that require public awareness or sensitization; inform us about initiatives that need the help of the Robynians or if you are part of a non-profit organization, propose it to include it in the set of projects or programs that need social support to materialize.

Join and become Robynian!

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