Do you have a volunteer vocation?

One of the main engines of solidarity aid is volunteering, a group of people sensitized and aware of the importance of collaborating to carry out humanitarian and social tasks. Without their work, many initiatives would be neglected due to a shortage of resources. Therefore, volunteers vocation, involvement, commitment and work deserve all the recognition of our society.

From our initiative we want to contribute to our grain of sand by configuring a bag of volunteers, who will be part of a database that will be accessed when needed by non-profit entities that are part of our Robynian Universe.

To register in this bag of volunteers you must fill in the requested information. Later our initiative will contact you to inform you and be able to actively collaborate.

Contact for volunteers: send email to with the following information:

Name, Surname, Country of Residence, Address, Email, Phone number, Profession, Activity of interest for volunteering.

Or fill in the form.