How we finance

The financial structure of our solidary eCommerce is based solely and exclusively on online sales derived from a wide range of products manufactured by the parent companies linked to the initiative, which comply with the regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

We do not receive donations or grants from governments, political parties and business lobbies. Neither public nor private donations. Our system prioritizes and guarantees that 75% of the profit margin is fully and transparently allocated to solidarity causes.

That is why YOU, by being part of our community, benefiting from the purchase of items at fair and transparent prices, makes 75 percent of the profit go to help others. The economic contributions are directed to the programs and projects, distributed in a wide list of sectors proposed by the non-profit entities, organizations and associations. Selected by our community of Robynians. They will know in detail the stage of the initiatives to which their aid is destined, and the entities responsible for the economic management of these funds will strictly comply with the regulations, in addition to being subject to the rigorous legislative control systems established to promote transparency .

We work convinced that the current consumption system can be transformed and reoriented.