Who we are

We are a pacifist, apolitical, non-religious, multicultural  ideological and economically independent organization that promotes a social movement of solidarity aid cooperating with the multiple causes that affect various ambits: economic, social, cultural, political and environmental of our society. Same as the legendary hero Robin Hood, RobynGoods resurges in the 21st century with the aim of promoting social welfare, fighting poverty, marginalization and inequality, while defending proposals to maintain the balance of the Gaia ecosystem*.

Through our initiatives, we propose to raise public awareness to promote the participation of a broad spectrum of programs and projects: from aid targeted to the most vulnerable social groups, as well as many humanitarian causes and the protection and defense of the ecosystem of the planet.

Therefore, we set up a revolutionary online business/trading system, donating 75 percent of the profit with limits on the profit margins on the products. This generates more affordable prices in the online market, expanding the spectrum of consumers. Generating a directly proportional trade: offering lower prices increases the number of consumers and, therefore, more solidarity projects and programs will benefit from the help of the Robynian community.

We as a collective, propose the change. You, the hero that makes it possible


*Lovelock defined Gaia as: a complex city that involves the biosphere, atmosphere, oceans and earth; constituting in its entirety a cybernetic or feedback system that seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life on the planet.